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Automated monitoring of your entire IT ecosystem with one solution.


  • In-depth monitoring across your RightScale managed
    private, public, and hybrid clouds
  • LogicMonitor RightScripts ensure that newly provisioned
    servers are monitored properly 
  • Native support for Citrix XenServer, VMware vSphere
    and ESX, Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus
  • Monitor performance of apps running on VM's (Web
    servers, databases, custom applications), to the virtual
    machines' Linux or Windows operating systems, to the
    underlying hypervisors, and the backend storage
  • Monitor your legacy servers, operating systems,
    applications, databases, switches, routers, firewalls, load
    balancers,  storage arrays, and more

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You'll get alerts to issues before they impact your business.

Alert Delivery Methods
E-mail, SMS text message, Phone call (via text to speech), Webhooks,
or viewable in application.

Alert Escalation
If specified recipients don’t acknowledge an alert within a given time
period, alerts can be escalated to the next level in an escalation chain.

Alert Routing
Easily route alerts to different people and set escalation rules based on type of
device, severity of issue, or even time of day.

Alert Management
Manage alerts globally, on a group level, host level or at the individual object.
Acknowledge alerts, escalate, or even schedule downtime –  directly from your
email, web or phone.

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See what's going on immediately, with trending graphs.

Trending graphs

  • No more guessing about performance and utilization

  • Interactive graphs show you exactly what’s going on so you can quickly diagnose and resolve performance issues

  • Zoom in or out to any time frame, from as far back as 1 year to as recent as 10 minutes ago

  • Historical trending data helps you improve capacity planning, and make more informed purchase decisions

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Dashboards that show your most important metrics on one screen.

Dashboard view

  • Performance graphs for individual hosts
  • Custom graphs that aggregate data from multiple hosts

  • Top 10 Overview Graphs
  • Colored alert indicator for at-a-glance health status of host groups

  • Real-time business metrics

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There is no costly infrastructure to manage.  

  • LogicMonitor is delivered via Software as a Service

  • No CAPEX costs

  • We are responsible for all the monitoring infrastructure costs
    (servers, networking equipment, storage, power)

  • No upfront costs - just pay monthly by the devices you monitor

  • No systems to maintain

  • Free upgrades
  • Month-to-month - cancel if your needs change.

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Configuration is quick and painless.

Easily add a host

Just enter an IP address and LogicMonitor figures out what the device is, and automatically starts monitoring hardware, resouces, services, and applications according to best practices.

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So you can worry less and get more done.

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Works great with

LogicMonitor's RightScripts Automate Your Cloud Monitoring

Pre-configured monitoring templates from LogicMonitor will tell you everything you need to know about the health and performance of all your applications and IT infrastructure (no matter where it lives), and proactively alert you to issues without wasting your time installing, configuring, and managing a premise-based solution.